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Unique Wine Gifts Ideas

Wine is an elegant gift for any occasion. Party without wine! Not possible! But, it is not that easy to present a good quality wine especially, when a person is wine connoisseur. Always present a good quality of wine. Here are some wine gifts ideas:

Wine Basket Gifts

Pack good quality of wines in a basket. You can also add fruits like- apples, grapes and oranges in the gift basket. It will give a fine glance to a gift basket and will be more pleasant to hand over a person as a gift.

Wine Bottle

You can present a wine bottle to a person. Types of wine- blush, red wine, white wine, fruit/country wine etc. are available in the market. Present a bottle as per his/her taste. You can also present it with personalized label. Consider the vintage on the bottle before presenting it to anybody.

Decanter Set

Decanter set is also a classy gift idea. People who are fond of wine, they enjoy drinking it in designer and stylish glasses. If you will present it, he/she would be delighted to receive it.

Wine Tool Kit

Wine lovers will be happy to have a gift like wine tool kit. This kit contains opener, a drip ring, funnel, stopper and pourer. A person will gladly place this kit at his/her wine corner. It is also a fascinating wine gift idea, can easily be carried while traveling or picnic.

Wine Club Membership

You can present a membership of a club to a person. Wine lovers enjoy drinking different and quality flavor of wines. A person will be overjoyed on receiving a wine club membership.

Wine Bottle Cooler

A wine bottle cooler is a good gift idea. Not only can a person keep his\her wine cool in it but can also try some else beverage. Afterwords it would be utilized in parties and other occasions at home. Such gifts will remind of you to a person on every special occasion.


Wine lovers are always interested in reading about different types of wines, their tastes, wine drink with particular food etc. So, it is an ideal gift for a person having a liking for wine.

Cork Board

You can present a wine cork board to a person. Tag a message on the board and gift it on any occasion. Cork board can be used as a bulletin board. A person would love to hang that board on any of the nearby wall from wine corner.

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