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Retirement has been a discovery of beauty for me. I never had the time before to notice the beauty of my grandkids, my wife, the tree outside my very own front door. And, the beauty of time itself. ~Hartman Jule Retirement is a pastime in an individual's life. It is work free, stress free and carefree. It is the time to welcome pension and goodbye tension. Thus retirement is a special phase in everyone's life. The monotonous and hectic time schedule is broken in order to fulfill the uncherished dreams and desires of life. People want to spend time with their family and friends. They want to enjoy every moment of life.

Retirement for a retiree is a time to feel relaxed. Now onwards he/she is free of work, busy schedules and all work stresses. Also it's a time to honor and appreciates the retiree's years of service. Arranging a retirement party, a speech from co-workers to the retiree and gifts are the best ways to celebrate anyone's retirement. Retirement Gift Ideas are varied and different. These are chosen keeping in mind the personal taste and choice of the retirees. Generally after retirement people choose to inculcate their forgotten hobbies. So gift ideas should make him enjoy his pastime to the fullest.

Appreciate the retiree and tell them that you really care and value for his/her years of service by presenting them a beautiful gift. Generally colleagues, friends and family give retirement gifts. A unique retirement gift includes farewell retirement signature board. Co-workers can write their witty comments on the board that will be a good keepsake for a retiree. Some funny retirement gifts include the good advice book, autograph puppy, or retiree official checklist. presents you a wide range of retirement gifts. It provides you retirement gifts idea for men as well as women. Also find some unique, personalized and traditional retirement gifts here.

You can allow your flight of fancy to choose the perfect retirement gift for the retiree. There are personalized gifts, unique gifts and also gifts which are beautiful and useful as well. Here follows a list of retirement gifts:

  • A common retirement gift for man/woman would be to gift him/her a retirement gift basket. But if you do not want to follow the tradition, this page will surely help you. You can opt for a retirement memory book which will include snaps from the first days of his/her job to the present retirement day. A nice idea would be to include the initial snaps in black and white and gradually move to the colored photos. You can stick moments of the retirement party or the last day of his work in that book.
  • Generally the retirees wear spectacles. So you can order for new specs. A combo pack of the specs, a diary, a pen, and a tie can be something new yet special.
  • You can also buy them a travel voucher to their favorite destination. If any couple retires almost at the same time, then this can be the best retirement gift idea.
  • For a retiree who is a voracious reader or an avid player you can buy them a membership card in a club which offers all these facilities. There he/she will also have the gym facilities. Otherwise you can gift them books of their favorite authors, golf organizer storage cases, golf club drink dispensers, fitness accessories, Yoga DVDs and CDs etc. Thus their passion or hobby-related gift ideas would be the best.
  • Personalized retirement gift watch is also another nice idea. A short retirement poem written on the body of the watch would be an added advantage. Other personalized retirement gifts would be to gift him/her a retirement T-shirt, mugs with retirement quotes, house wares, personal stereo, picnic bags, a digital camera, travel case, photo frame with his/her name engraved on it etc.
  • After retirement people tend to be lazy and also work less. So gift the retiree with a Lifestyle related book which covers health related issues, food and nutrition guides, exercise guides etc. every time he opens the important book, he will remember you and feel your presence in his mind.
  • If the retiree is someone very close to you, you can opt for some casual gifts. You can buy the retiree passes of a movie, an opera, a theatre etc. Gifting him collection of his favorite movies and songs would also be a nice idea.

Retirement gifts can be anything which suits the personality of the retiree. Without going for the gifts from malls, you can also create your own gift idea which would leave a stamp of your personality. The retirement gifts should convey your love and respect for the retiree.

Some people say that life begins at retirement. Retirement is actually a new beginning, a new experience. That's being true retirement gifts should provide them with opportunities to live that new life, new beginning and new experience.

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