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Selective Military Gift Ideas

It is necessary to express your love to someone who is very far away. Like the persons from the Military. They love to accept the gifts from their dear ones as they can experience the warmth from it. So cheer the heroes of our country by sending them hearty and attractive gifts. Here are some military gift ideas classified according to streams in the military.

  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Marine
  • Navy



A person in military service is very disciplined and keen about the way he dressed. So, present a good pair of boots to him. This is a wonderful gift idea for army men.


Army men are fond of wearing sunglasses. You can also present sunglasses to an army man. He would be delighted to receive this gift on any occasion. This is a very good military gift idea.

Trail Camera

One can prefer a trail camera as an ultimate gift to a person who serves in the army. A gift should be like that which a person can use. This is a valuable gift for a military person. Whenever, he would use the camera; he will remember you.


Army man would be delighted on receiving a holster as a gift. Military men are cognizant in handling their weapons. So, holster is a valuable gift to place his pistol cozily.

Carry Bag

A carry bag is always helpful while traveling. A handmade, eco-friendly, leather or any strong and beautiful carry bag can serve your purpose. Lots of varieties in carry bags are available in the market.

Flag Display Case

This is an unusual gift for an unusual person. They will be proud to display the flag in the case.

Army Ring

Gift a ring to military men. A ring fitted with a precious stone and engraved with his initials, will give a classy look in his hands.

Air Force


A delicate piece of a glass is a unique gift for an air force person. He would be happy to have a drink in an elegant glass. This is also a useful gift for a person in military.


Any beautiful frame with air force seal is also a good gift idea for a military person. A person can hang his wife’s or girlfriend’s photo in it.

Neck Tie

He will be delighted to have a gift that will add to his personality.


Convey your gratitude by presenting occupational coaster to an air force person. He would love to keep it on his desk.


Engrave the pen with the air force logo. It can be a wonderful gift to salute a person in military service.

Flag Display Case

A flag display is a perfect gift for the air force men. A person would be delighted to receive a patriotic gift from you. This is of great significance to him.

Decanter Set

A decanter set is a unique gift idea for an air force person. You can also engrave the set with air force logo. This exclusive set of decanter is a remarkable gift for him.

Paper Weight

You can also present a paper weight to air force person. Carry a paper weight of aircraft design or engraved with air force logo as a gift. This gift will give a perfect look on the table.


You can also gift a watch to a person who is in air force. Military men are punctual. So, no gift can replace this idea of gift.



An optical device like a binocular is a perfect and a beneficial gift for a navy man.

Navy Ring

You can make this ring special by engraving the person’s name or a catchy line like “A Real Hero of the Nation” on it. A unique idea to convey your greetings and appreciation to a person.

Pocket Watch

Present a navy pocket watch to a navy person. An ultimate gift for a person who is strict about timings.


You can also gift him a jacket with the navy logo on it. Every navy man would love to wear this jacket. This is also a good military gift idea.

Navy Weather Vane

This is an ideal gift for a navy man. He would feel pleasure to receive this device, convenient for his profession. A weather vane can’t be replaced by any other gift.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is also a wonderful gift to present a military man. You can make it more personalized by engraving his name and a navy logo on it. A navy person would be happy to receive it.


Military men are fond of cigars. Present cigars or a cigar case to a veteran or a navy man.


You can also present a poem engraved on any frame. Write a poem to appreciate their courage and devotion towards the nation. This is a marvelous gift piece for anybody in the military service.

Can Cooler

A can cooler is a unique gift idea for a navy person. Make it more special by engraving the name and navy logo on the can. A person would happily place his beverages in it.


Display Case

You can present a display case to a military man. A person can display his medals, flags and other collected items in the case. This is a beautiful gift for anybody.

Home Décor

An attractive home décor is a unique gift idea. A home décor may be an elegant lamp piece, a wall clock or a painting symbolizing gallantry of a marine corps.

Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is a valuable gift for a marine corps. Engrave the box with a military logo. A person will happily place his memorable items in the box.

Decanter Set

Decanter set is a marvelous gift item for a marine corps. All military men would enjoy their drinks in this decanter set.


Pendants engraved with your message and with the military logo is a wonderful gift for Marine Corps.

Flash Light

This is an amazing gift for Marine Corps. Flash light is expedient device for any military men. Hence, one of the best gift to present.

Carrying Bag

You can also present a carry bag to Marine Corps. Military men have to keep changing their places frequently. So, carry bag is an excellent gift idea for them.

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