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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Oh! You forget about the party in which you are invited today. Baffled! What to purchase now?

Sometimes, it happens to all when we forget someoneís birthday or party. At the last moment, it becomes difficult for us to select a gift. But donít worry. Here are some fabulous last minute gift ideas.

Last Minute Gifts

  • For mother
  • For her
  • For father
  • For him
  • For men
  • For teachers
  • For birthday
  • For friends
  • For Christmas
  • For children
  • For anniversary

Gifts for mother:

Our Mothers do many things for us without thinking about their own self. So you should gift something great to your mother: Check the Last minute gifts:

  1. A workless day: This would be one of the unique gifts for your dear mom. This can be planned at any time. Tell your mother that she should rest for that day and you would do all her works. Your mom would feel happy at your efforts.
  2. Shopping: Take her to her favorite mall and buy her any dress material.

Gifts for her:

Last Minute Gifts for her are really easy to choose like the following:

  1. Jewelry: Women have always been fascinated by jewelry. You can buy necklace, pendant, earrings, anklets, wristlets made of gold or silver. Pearl sets are also quite impressive.
  2. Spa: Buy her a beauty kit or a spa kit. You need not take much time for that. All big cosmetic stores provide such products.

Gifts for father:

  1. Card holders: Card holders are some important last minute gifts. Your father can keep credit cards, debit cards, passports, PAN card etc. on the card holders.
  2. Fitness equipments: As the responsible son or daughter of your father, you should take care of your fatherís health. So gift him with some fitness equipments like a pocket compass, a runnerís vest etc.

Gifts for him:

  1. Perfumes: Deodorants and perfumes are useful gifts for boys.
  2. T-shirts: Buy your special boy some funky or colorful t-shirts. Gift him according to his age and choice.

Gifts for men:

  1. A bag: Whether he is a working man or a student, you can always buy some bags for men. A wallet, a laptop bag or a travel bag is always useful
  2. Sports gifts: Gift him cricket bat and balls, golf balls, football ball, chess set according to his choice. Generally men like sports. So these would be perfect gifts.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for your Teacher

A teacher is one of the most important persons in your life. It is very aptly said that a teacher is a friend, philosopher and a guide. A teacher is one who shows you the right path of doing things. So you should also gift

something special to your teacher:

  1. An elegant-looking pen: Pen is the representative symbol of a teacher. You can go for a stylish pen. Along with the pen buy a teacherís greetings card. You should write a Ďthank youí note and pack it to the gift-box.
  2. A diary: A diary may seem a boring gift to you, but it is truly a symbolic gift. Go for diaries that have calendars printed on them. You can write one memorable experience of your school days with your teacher on the first page of the diary. He/she will feel nostalgic about those days.
  3. A good shawl: This is also one of the great gifts for your teacher. Show your respect for him/her by buying a pretty shawl for him.

Birthday gift ideas:

You have missed the chance to buy a sweet birthday gift for the special person! Donít worry. We are here to help you with the amazing birthday gifts which will take no time to buy:

  1. A birthday cake: You can always buy a birthday cake from a confectionary. Even when you are on your way to the birthday party, you can buy the cake. It would be better if you know the taste of the birthday person. Otherwise you can buy cupcakes of different flavors.
  2. A keepsake box: There are various types of keepsake boxes which are available in the market. Just grab one that suits your budget.

Gift for Friends:

If you have to give something to your friend and you do not have much time to prepare, check these gifts ideas:

  1. A treat: If you do not have any problem regarding your budget, you can invite your friend to a good restaurant. Ask him to order the menu. But you should give sometime to your friend for preparation.
  2. Big coffee mugs: These are really some brilliant gifts which can be used by the friend. Look for mugs that have the word Ďfriend or Ďfriendshipí written on them.

Last Minute Gift for Children

Children wait eagerly for birthday or Christmas parties. They are always excited to open their gifts. Choose gifts for the children according to their age. Your Last minute gift should be interesting and playful which will impress the children.

If you forget to purchase gifts for them, do not get tensed. We are here with the suggestions of last minute gifts for children.

  • Stuffed Toys
  • Crayons
  • Craft Sets
  • Activity Books
  • Puzzles/Games
  • Drawing Pads
  • Art Set
  • Tracing Pad
  • Chocolates Gift Basket
  • Cartoon CDs
  • Electric keyboards

Last Minute Gift for Christmas

Christmas celebrations are joyful and colorful. But are you worried about Christmas gifts? You were busy and havenít purchased any gift for your loved ones. You want to buy something quickly and it must be liked by your dear ones. Pick one from the list of last minute gift.

  • Perfumed candles
  • Candle Holder
  • Gift Basket (flower, fruit, chocolates, wine, cookies etc.)
  • T-shirt
  • Mugs
  • Cakes
  • Stationery Set
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Christmas CDs
  • Jewelry (necklace, pendants, rings, earrings etc.)
  • Picture Frame
  • Decorative Piece
  • Posters
  • Greeting Cards

Last minute gift for marriage or wedding anniversary

A marriage is a memorable occasion in a coupleís life. So just make your gifts memorable. Even if you look for a last minute gift, your gift should match the theme of the marriage or the anniversary. Here follows some special gift ideas:

  • A thematic wedding cake
  • A large flower bouquet
  • A photo album Personalized doormats
  • A wine basket
  • Personalized camouflage flask
  • Perfumes for the wedding couple
  • Plants in earthen and ceramic pots
  • Books on successful married life Corner photo shelf
  • An antique clock
  • Daily use facial kit
  • Money as Gift voucher

    Last minute gifts are varied. You should not think about your budget at that time. If the gifts cost a bit more than your estimated budget, just pay for it. Remember that you donít have much time to think about your budget and choice. You should keep in mind the receiverís choice. Probably this article has helped you in finding your last minute gift idea.

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