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Green Gift Ideas for Eco-Friendly Persons

In the age of global warming it will be wise to give gifts which are eco friendly. Everybody will appreciate your gift and will come to know that you are an avid Nature lover. These gifts are not only eco-friendly but they are creative and beautiful also.

Potted plant

A small green plant is the best gift for an environmental lover. He would happily place the potted plant in his/her garden.

Cotton/Jute Bag

You can present a cotton or jute bag to a person on any occasion. This is the best way of conveying a message to “save earth”. This is an ideal green gift idea.


A book having details and queries related to environment, trees, herbs etc is a perfect green gift idea.

Organic Product

You can present an organic food product, organic bath set to a person. This idea of gift is not only concerned with nature but also with human health.


A wreath made of bird seeds, fruit slices is also a unique green gift idea. A wreath hanged in a garden is a nice place for bird to get their food. Every nature lover would love this gift.

Membership of a Club

You can also present a membership of a club or an organization related environment to a person. A person would feel pleasure on receiving such a gift.

Homemade Items

You can also present a bag or a wall lamp made by old newspaper. A wonderful green gift for a person who worry about environment. These gifts create more awareness regarding environment in people.

Kitchen Composer

Kitchen composer is one of the best green gifts. It would turn the organic kitchen waste into compost. A chef or a woman concerned about nature would be happy to receive it.

Passes or Tickets to Museum

You can present a pass or ticket of a museum or zoo to your friend who is Nature lover. He/she would be delighted to receive such a gift.

Solar Powered Light

Present any solar powered light/ lamps to your friend or relative. A perfect eco-friendly product and would be surely appreciated.

Organic Bouquet

Carry a bouquet of organic flowers for your friend as a gift. This is a beautiful green gift for anybody. It valued a lot for a nature lover.

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