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Gift Basket Ideas

Now-a-days gift baskets are very popular gift ideas. Whether it is the occasion of housewarming or it is the occasion of colleague's anniversary, gift baskets are suitable for every occasion. With little planning and creativity, you can make your own gift basket as per your budget. This shows that you put much effort, consideration and care to create such special gift basket for your loved ones.

Here are some ideas for different types of gift baskets; you can create your own or you can personalize it from the shop for Men, Women and Kids.

  • Cookie Gift Basket

    Cookies are the favorite of many people from kids to adults. For this reason, cookies can be used to create gift basket ideas. If you have cookie cutter and other decorative stuff, then it is not difficult to create cookie baskets. First, make a large batch of sugar cookies. Cut it into different shapes and pack them creatively. You can decorate them with anything from sports logos to holiday message depending on your imagination and creativity.

  • Teatime Gift Basket

    The teatime gift basket may contain stuffs like bags of tea, jam or honey, some mini loaves of quick bread or homemade cookies, dry mix for scones/muffins, hot chocolate mix, hard candy, a nice mug or tea cups, etc. Tea-time gift basket can be decorated by you using your own power of imagination. You can wrap each packet with colored papers and paste a big T on the gift basket. You can choose from various flavors of tea. If your friend likes lemon-flavored tea, you can go for a pack of such tea.

  • Movie-lover's Gift Basket

    If your friend is a movie lover, it can be a great gift idea for him. You can put bags of microwave pop-corns, movie candy like jujubes, homemade cookies, and chocolate covered raisins. Instead of basket, you can put all these things in a large bowl or you can put it in a nice and beautiful bag. All these put in a bag would look like a great gift basket.

  • Chocolate Lover's Gift Basket

    There are yummy gift basket for chocolate lovers. Chocolate lover's gift basket may include hot chocolate mix, fudge, brownies or brownie mix in a jar, homemade chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, etc. To make your gift look more unique, you can buy some heart-shaped chocolates. You can decorate the gift basket with small colored hearts.

  • Chinese Cuisine Gift Basket

    These are some innovative gift baskets. The basket must contain some noodles or a small bag of rice. If you add some Asian gourmet spices mixes, it is not a bad idea.

  • Artists Gift Basket

    There are gifts baskets for every person and every occasion. If you are gifting a basket to an artist, it might contain paint brushes, sparkers, pencils, different types of paints, and sketch books. If you are gifting a gift basket to a child, you can also buy small drawing books.

  • Wine Lovers

    If your friend is a wine lover, we have gift basket idea for them as well. The gift basket for wine lover can include bottle of wines, couple of wine glasses, box of crackers, a cork screw, cheese, small paper plate, and candles for creating good atmosphere. If you can afford, go for a wooden crafted wine box that can be kept as a showpiece later when the wine is consumed.

  • Young Girls' Gift Baskets

    To create a gift basket for young or teenage girls, you have to consider small purse, hair pins, nail enamels, glitter, perfume, makeup, mirror, nail file, earrings, anklets, stickers, fancy pens or pencils, notepaper, etc. If the girl loves chocolates, you can buy chocolates of different brands, sizes and shapes, etc. Then wrap them all in one packet and present with other articles.

  • Gift Baskets for Young Boys

    To create a gift basket for young or teenage boys you have to consider campers, Beef Jerky, cheese, Beef sticks, crackers, pepper spread or rings, cookies, hard candy, candy bars, canned pop or drink mix, etc. You can also pack some toys like cars in the gift baskets.

  • Gift basket of fruits

    This is one of the great gift basket which can be gifted to anyone irrespective of their age and choice. Fruits are good for health and available in all seasons. Choose fruits that are full of nutritional value. These gifts basket ideas can be perfect for children, young boys and girls, and adults. This fruit basket will look colorful with the natural colors of the fruits. But to make it look more gorgeous and attractive, you can take some flowers and decorate it.

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